Monthly music mix lovers,

Misty and I attended the best and sweatiest show I've been to in a good while at the Parish last night. The headliners, The Bird and the Bee (with Greg videoconferencing in), were already likely to open this month's playlist with a song from their new cover album (truly, interpretations); the show merely solidified it. (Misty thinks my description of them as "NPR music" to be both apt and explanatory as to the not-as-large-as-I-expected crowd.)

The Sleater-Kinney and Ralph Pelleymounter songs may be this summer's sleeper anthems. I think they express and describe more than only my own feelings about the state of the world.

The most saccharine song, "Something About You," is by an Austin artist.

Some other hidden gems in the fourteen I've collected, along with the always-wonderful closer.

By the way, this month's mix is on YouTube, so everyone should be able to watch it without subscription issues. (Melody, you're on your own with Napster, as usual.)

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What are you listening to?




William Pate

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