About William O. Pate II

William O. Pate II is a bad person. 

He's lied, cheated, stolen and otherwise harmed others. 

I mean, sure, he's adopted and fostered abandoned dogs over the course of his adult life. He even sometimes lays out a blanket for the eldest two to ease their arthritis pain and insulate them from cold, dirty floors on their almost-daily trips to local coffee shops. 

And, yes, he takes his neighbor's yard trimmings down the long driveway to the street for collection when she's in Dallas visiting family for the holidays without her having requested he do it. 

But those demonstrations don't prove anything. He's still a bad guy. You just don't know him well enough. 

Find out how bad he is for yourself by surfing this site. 

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Contact William

[email protected] #️⃣ @williampate San Antonio Review 2028 E. Ben White Blvd., #240-5735 Austin, Texas 78741 USA +1 210-570-6694