In a nod to Gary Hall and others' efforts to undermine the individual author, here I list as many of the various contributors to making this site possible as I possible can in each sitting:

My parents, Mary and Bill Pate;

My family;

Misty, my wife;

All the animals I've fostered and cohabitated with:

Dogs: Lady, Jeff, George, Sam, Carl, Penny, Luther;

Birds: Elmo, Herbie, Digby;

Cats: Sam, Salem;

My friends, comrades and coconspirators, including


My employers at Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. and Texas Freedom Network;

Publii, for the free CMS;

Ouvaton.coop, for affordable domain registration and hosting;

Github, for file storage;

Cloudflare Pages, for rendering of the pages you're looking at

To be continued . . .