Various attempts I’ve made to make our world a better place: 

I founded and publish San Antonio Review, a nonprofit international literary, arts and ideas journal and mostly fund it from my limited earnings.

In early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic put in-person voters at risk, I launched a site providing information about and a streamlined process for applying for absentee/vote-by-mail ballots despite Republican threats against those encouraging voters to exercise their rights.

I had the City of Austin add no parking signs at the intersection of W. North Loop Blvd. and Chesterfield to protect the fire hydrant (silver) and traffic flow. 

I also had the City of Austin add a stop sign in my old University Hills neighborhood back in the late-2000s: 

I run a Tor relay to help make the Tor network faster, more robust against attacks, more stable in case of outages and safer for its users.