Learn about our August 2022 move from Austin, Texas, USA, to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Why Montevideo, Uruguay?
As we watch housing costs continue to rise across the country and especially in Austin, we worry about our ability to maintain a satisfying life when our rental agreement ends at the end of this summer. Without an increase in pay to cover increasing inflation and housing costs, we’re faced with being forced to move somewhere rent is less expensive — whether or not it’s a location with the particular amenities we find valuable. So, rather than select some random U.S. town in which all other costs (food, utilities, etc.) remain the same or increase (transportation) except our rent, why not an interesting foreign city — and one that comes with possible financial benefits, to boot? Read the rest ➡

Uruguayan Carnival festivities are the longest of their kind in the world. They start at the beginning of January and run all the way to mid-March, lasting over 50 days, according to the Uruguayan Tourism Ministry.

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